Thursday, April 30, 2020

5 Musical Genres That Are Perfect For Any Situation In Life | Music Think Tank

We all enjoy different types of music for various reasons, whether it’s the way we’re brought up in families or the music preferred by friends. Although there are numerous types of musical genres that are popular throughout the world, many would agree that these five types go well in almost any aspect of life.

Light Rock

Since rock and roll music evolved during the mid-twentieth century, it has continued to increase in popularity around the world. Subgenres like light rock or hard rock as well as heavy metal, disco, alternative, and other styles are sometimes considered to be spin-offs of the original rock genre. Light rock, in particular, tends to be upbeat and casual, making it a good selection for recreation and leisure as well as entertainment and even certain businesses.

Country and Western

Closely akin to folk music, which originated in Europe and came to this country in the eighteenth century with early pioneers and settlers, country and western songs typically offer a range of themes dealing with country, family, and relationships. They can be whimsical or soulful, fast or slow, and various renditions can be adapted to fit almost any situation where music plays a role, from outdoor events in church services.


Originating in Europe several hundred years ago and popularized by great composers and musicians like Bach and Mozart, classical-style music is often arranged in sophisticated patterns of instrumental performance. Originally created for church worship and liturgy, it passed into mainstream culture through the arts, like drama and opera. Today, people enjoy this genre of music to relax or to inspire their creative expression. 

Video Game Soundtracks

The nice thing about video game soundtracks is that they are a diverse type of music. Whether you are excited and motivated, bummed out and blue, or just looking to relax a little, there’s a soundtrack out there for you. You can find a variety of video game soundtracks on vinyl to listen to any time you want.

Rhythm and Blues

Emerging from old-time spiritual songs and early twentieth century jazz traditions, rhythm and blues grew in popularity throughout the last century and remains strong today. It is often performed in night clubs and in films to create ambiance as well as serve as a conduit of deeply-felt emotions and struggles. This genre is often preferred for soulful expression as well as personal reflection.

Although every musical genre provides insight to and a creative outlet for the human spirit, these five are especially popular and enjoy widespread use in media and homes everywhere for any occasion where music can play a role.



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