Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Record Union launches music-focused ‘Wellness Starter Pack’ | Music Ally

Last year, we reported on a study by distributor Record Union into mental health and wellbeing for independent musicians. The results made for concerning reading.

Now the company is launching something new as a result: a ‘wellness starter pack’ which it describes as a “toolbox for wellbeing” aimed at musicians. It’s a collection of videos focusing on five topics: sleep, positivity, mindfulness, exercise and nutrition, roping in a variety of experts for each category to offer musicians their tips on staying healthy.

The videos are accompanied by a collection of blog posts offering more advice and encouragement around these areas. “If we, by providing concrete information and tangible tools, could help just a few artists to priorities and take better care of their mental wellbeing, I believe we will have succeeded,” hopes CEO Johan Svanberg.

Stuart Dredge

[from https://ift.tt/2vCxqPg]

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