Monday, March 16, 2020

Gaana adds a ‘Buzz’ feed of entertainment content to its app | Music Ally

No, not a BuzzFeed, a ‘Buzz’ feed. Indian music streaming service Gaana has a new feature called ‘Buzz’ that will provide a mixture of entertainment content.

“Stories, articles, videos, photo galleries, online polls, games and lyrics cards associated with trending and popular artists, albums and movies,” according to the Economic Times. Gaana’s CEO Prashan Agarwal described the new feature as a “personalised in-app machine learning-led personalised content feed” (either he’s *really* excited about the personalised aspect, or his comments were mistranscribed) that will “enable every Gaana user to stay on top of trending news articles and videos about their favourite b-town stars, artists & internet celebrities”.

It’s an interesting expansion for Gaana beyond its core music remit, although it builds on the service’s launch of a videos feature earlier in the year.

Stuart Dredge


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