Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Penny Fractions: Triller: Don’t Believe the (Fledgeling) Hype | Penny Fractions

Hello, readers new and old! My previous newsletter on Billie Eilish was cited in the Atlantic, Guardian, and Slate post-Grammys, so I got a number of new followers, which is exciting and a nice excuse to promote my previous work. In particular, if you enjoyed that newsletter please do check out my pieces on the history of digital music streaming, music piracy, and even Lil Nas X. I’d also like to highlight I have a Patreon to support this newsletter, if you’d like to contribute. Finally, for any college professors reading this, I’m always open to speak to your classes! Enough self-promotion, let’s dive into the rapidly growing short-form video app…Tik—wait, Triller!


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