Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Toolkit Essentials: DISCO - Catalog Management Made Easier | hypebot

1Following a fruitful year syncing music, Jake Udell expounds on some of his teams favorite elements of the catalog maintenance tool DISCO, a service which has streamlined many of the day to day sync operations.


Guest post by music manager Jake Udell from his Art of Manager

We were blessed to have a great year in sync thanks to the music supervision community and our partners, including publishers and sync agents.

As our aspirations continue to grow in this area, we’ve leveled up our operations to streamline the sync pitching and licensing process by uploading and maintaining our catalog in DISCO.

Rather than sending piecemeal information, such as lyrics or who the rights holders of a track are, DISCO has it all in one place tied to the track. The company’s tagline is “music workflow made simple”.

Here are some of our team’s favorite parts about DISCO –

Tagging – Through DISCO, we can tag songs with common wording used in brief requests in order to easily sift through our catalog on a moment’s notice.

Metadata – DISCO gives the option to add metadata for each song (composer, ownership, splits). It’s a great way to stay organized internally – even more importantly, supervisors are busy people and often need to move quickly when they request a song. Having all the information in one place can give a song an advantage in a crunch.

3Searching – The search box in DISCO searches for everything. Whether it be a specific artist, lyric, tags for songs, etc., you can easily access all the information, which is very helpful when you get a brief in need of a specific lyric or tag (i.e. fun, upbeat, etc.)

Playlisting – Once a song is in DISCO, you never need to duplicate or re-upload. You easily create a new playlist and drag the record to it. This makes sending playlists for specific needs or contacts very simple.

It’s our mission to make sync clearances as easy as possible and hope utilizing DISCO makes the process more convenient for all involved in making magic happen for our artists!

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