Monday, July 2, 2018

Tunecore Partners With Sentric For Improved Music Publishing Services | hypebot

image from www.thehypemagazine.comTuneCore has partnered with Sentric Music to improve its music publishing administration service. Launching next month,  TuneCore’s new platform will offer members more revenue opportunities and faster overseas payments.

Publishing Administration has been a key revenue driver for TuneCore artists with 41%  year-over-year growth in gross publishing revenue and 44% revenue growth in sync.  

Pricing for the new service will not change with a $75 one-time set up fee for unlimited submissions and 20% sync commission. Publishing Administration commissions will increase to 15%.

The new partnership, will allow users to: 

  • Manage splits more easily
  • Monitor real-time registration status
  • View comprehensive earning reports
  • Refer co-writers & band members to complete the full registration of songs, and more

TuneCore Artists will also benefit from direct membership to all available global performance and mechanical societies, and foreign royalties will be pay out up to 18 months faster.

Live Performance Royalty Collection

In the coming months, TuneCore will launch a new service that assists songwriters in registering their live performances to enable them to collect performance royalties from these live performances outside the US, which will provide another revenue generating opportunity for TuneCore songwriters.

CEO Love

“We’re thrilled to bring TuneCore Artists these exciting enhancements to our Publishing Administration services, which will help them earn additional revenue and get paid more quickly,” said Scott Ackerman, TuneCore CEO. “At TuneCore, we strive to provide the best tools and services for our artists, helping them maximize career growth and income. Our new partnership with Sentric Music is so important because it positions TuneCore’s songwriters to have the same collection profile as major artists across the globe and increases their money-making opportunities.”

Sentric CEO Chris Meehan said: "Much like TuneCore, Sentric was founded on the idea that new technology could shake up the traditional music industry and make it work for everyone. This deal takes that shared ethos a step further. For 12 years, our admin platform has allowed hundreds of thousands of rights-holders at every level get access to a fast, flexible, completely transparent service. We're happy to extend that to many more creators and rights-owners through this TuneCore partnership."



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