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Tom Sarig On The Rediscovered Power Of An Indie Label [Podcast] | hypebot

2Here Tom Sarig, music industry veteran and founder of the AntiFragile Music label as well as running the Esther Creative group, discusses the power of the indie label and what it can do help artists in a way majors no longer do.


Guest post by Andrew Apanov from the Dotted Music Blog

Tom Sarig is a music business veteran of over two decades, who has helped a number of acclaimed music artists sell millions of records, either as their manager or as a label A&R, in genres ranging from electronic to rock, pop, and hip hop.

Tom Sarig

Tom Sarig

Prior to launching the AntiFragile Music label, Tom has run Esther Creative Group, where he’s managed the careers of artists such as Lou Reed, Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music, Rickie Lee Jones, CAKE, Against Me!, Blonde Redhead, and many others.

For the 11 years prior to starting ECG, Tom served as a Grammy-winning Senior A&R executive at various major labels including Universal Records, Arista Records, MCA Records, A&M Records, and TVT Records, working with the likes of The Roots, Nine Inch Nails, Erykah Badu, Blink-182, Annie Lennox, Mos Def, Imogen Heap, DJ Shadow, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, and so many others.

Tom has also produced several feature films, having served as Film Producer for two acclaimed features, Red Shirley and Lou Reed’s “Berlin”, and as a Producer for MTV’s annual television special on his Shortlist Music Prize.

AntiFragile Music was established as “a reaction against some of the established big labels who are not doing enough for artists anymore.” On this Music Growth Talks episode, Tom Sarig explained how their approach to working with artists is different, mentioned how he discovers new talent, shared an interesting artist success story, and outlined terms of a typical AntiFragile’s record deal. We also talked about the impact placements in popular Apple and Spotify playlists has on the label, and how those placements alone never “break” an artist – it’s the job of an artist’s team to develop them, and turn passive listeners into fans.

Listen to the show in full to learn what Tom is looking for in a music act besides the music, hear his excellent content marketing advice, and a lot more.

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