Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Spotify Hiring Patterns Reveal Post-IPO Focus | hypebot

Help wantedCEO Daniel Ek has promised that Spotify going public would not change the culture of the company or its mission to build a more artist centered new music industry. But a study of post IPO hiring at the music streamer reveals that, for now at least, ramping up sales and software is more of a focus than programming, video and artist services.

Spotify newSpotify currently lists hundreds of job openings in Stockholm, New York, London and Tokyo, with New York City leading the way with 71 positions available. 

While Spotify is hoping to hire in most departments, the streamer is focusing its efforts on programming and sales, according to a study by Thinknum, in what appears to be a push for profitability and product improvements.

Across all offices, Spotify is currently hiring for 33 software engineers, 28 in sales, 16 in design and User Experience and 14 in finance.

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