Monday, April 16, 2018

MGT108: Building A Healthy And Productive Music Career – Suz Paulinski | Dotted Music

Suz Paulinski is “a mindset coach for musicpreneurs”, helping musicians and other music industry professionals reach their goals with custom time management solutions. Suz wrote and published The Rock/Star Life Planner, a tool for creatives to find focus in their daily lives.

Suz Paulinski

Suz Paulinski

On this Music Growth Talks episode, Suz shares her journey from working at major record labels (and hating it), to getting a masters in psychology and becoming the Rock/Star Advocate. We talk about musicpreneurs having no choice but to care about their mental and physical health, the dangers of “sleep shaming”, maintaining a healthy work/life balance, and the ways musicians can start managing their time more effectively.

Listen to the podcast in full to also learn what “the purse curse” is, why The Rock/Star Life Planner is sold as a physical book, and how journaling will make you more creative.

You can listen to today’s episode below:

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