Thursday, March 29, 2018

Beatport To Add DJ Subscriptions, Music Lockers | hypebot

BeatportLogoBeatport CEO Robb McDaniels revealed that the company plans to make life a little easier for professional DJs with the help of the cloud. In an interview with MusicWeek, McDaniels talked about the digital download service’s plans to to add a subscription service for its professional DJ audience in the third quarter of 2018.

“We can also make it easier on the professional DJs, so that they don’t have to download the song and carry those with them to the show. We’re creating a locker functionality, where they can download the audio and access that locker from performance software – that’s the kind of integration that we’ll be doing later this year,” McDaniels told the publication. “There’s a massive opportunity for us to become more successful and give this genre and community a better platform and a bigger voice.”

McDaniels, who founded INGrooves, joined the Beatport team in late 2017, after its parent company had transitioned from SFX Entertainment to LiveStyle, following the dramatic bankruptcy of the former company.

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