Thursday, March 29, 2018

Apple Music App Upgrade Puts Video In Spotlite | hypebot

Apple music cardsMusic videos have been a part of Apple Music ever since it launched. But the new version of the streamer's app is putting music video front and center as part of a promised upgrade within Apple's new iOS 11.3. 



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A new update to the Apple Music app uses the video content that has always been available and makes it much more prominent. 

Added are recommendations and updated editorial, much like the streamer's New Music pages for singles and albums, as well as, Apple exclusives, including ‘Stop Me from Falling’ by Kylie Minogue and ‘Colors’ by Beck.

Machine Learning Comes To Video 

"Users could always make their own playlists of music videos." adds 9to5 Mac, " but now Apple is tailoring its own for customers to play and subscribe to. This feature will be especially useful on Apple TV, now you can simply set up Apple Music on your TV to play top songs with the accompanying videos."


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