Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Golden Globes | Lefsetz Letter

Whenever Hollywood gets together to pat itself on its back it fails to realize it’s lost touch with America.

That’s right, no one cares what an actor or actress has to say, they became unmoored from the public consciousness the day America got broadband, and could see their shenanigans on TMZ, ignorant hustlers inured to lifestyle, and you expect us to care?

Ironically, musicians have much more power. Or to quote the great Eddie Rosenblatt, movies when done right are larger than life, music when done right is life itself.

But the musicians have abdicated this power. Playing it safe, worried about their brand, being such outrageous outlaws that they take themselves out of contention for believability. You got shot, beat someone up and you expect us to respect you? No, you’re just a cartoon, entertainment before Adult Swim, we’re just watching the movie, we want to see how this all plays out.

You think there’s not a cost for making vapid high concept flicks?

Or awards season fodder that no one cares about?

That respect for Hollywood royalty is so deep in the past, the hangers-on and barely-breathing don’t realize it. If we want to respect someone, it will be a banker or a techie, at least they’ve got real money, at least they change the world. As for all of Hollywood going high tech, did you see that Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is tanking? That’s right, if your goal is to utilize your celebrity to extend your reach into businesses other than the one you are famous for, give up, that paradigm is so aughts. If you think you can compete with the Big Four you’re delusional. Then again, they do call Hollywood the Dream Factory.

Hell, if it wasn’t the dead of winter no one would be watching this show. People are home, in their cocoon, they’ll wrap themselves up and watch this meaningless dreck, an awards show even more fake than those perpetrated on us by Dick Clark. How many members are there of the Hollywood Foreign Press again? As for “Mrs. Maisel,” I watched it, and it’s one step above sitcom, and not a big one, great sets, great acting, bogus script. Remember when “Mozart In The Jungle” won? That’s the last time I heard anybody mention that show.

As for Queen Oprah…

SHE’S RETIRED! Today you have to be in the public eye 24/7, and she’s not, she’s old and over the hill, not because she’s a woman, but because time marches on and in Hollywood where you think you’re young forever the truth is you’re not, even if you’ve gotten plastic surgery.

So we’ve got to hear the left wing press and movers and shakers, the sycophants, say she should run for President. Give me a break, we already saw this movie, after Jesse Ventura, the public realizes its mistake and returns to professionals, at least smart people. I mean the hoi polloi can learn too. Do you really think we’re gonna elect Mark Cuban? Then again, he’s got more business experience.

And is the problem with sexual harassment limited to Hollywood? Who’s standing up for the common person, who’s digging down deep in the trenches for solutions? Chappelle says not to forget men, without them there’s no progress, Daphne Merkin talks about due process, but we’re giving all this ink to a bunch of primpers in black? Insane.

So a publicity release press, and that’s what they all are, even the NYT and WSJ, will fawn all over this irrelevant event as if it had meaning, impact, when the truth is it’s already been forgotten, in a world where you don’t even get a day in the news cycle.

Meanwhile, we get all this self-congratulatory pomp from Hollywood. The same enterprise that makes you subscribe to umpteen services to see what you want, overcharges for movie tickets and then bitches when we cut the cord and refuse to go to movies that get bad ratings on RottenTomatoes. Come on, this is a cabal that’s driving straight towards a cliff and doesn’t even realize it, other than Rupert Murdoch, who sold Twenty First Century to Disney, realizing the worm has turned and it’s only going to get worse. Then again, Disney has the faltering ESPN and thinks its brand name can compete with Netflix. How do you like that Motorola phone? Your Nokia? Buy anything made by Sony recently?

If you’re a fashionista, by all means watch this bore and be satisfied.

If you’re a fan of comedy, know that Seth Meyers has a miniscule audience and gets no respect from anybody under 30, but you can’t say anything negative about a Lorne Michaels protege.

But if you’re taking the temperature of America, not only did you have no need to watch this show, you don’t have to read the press, check out the winners, nothing, it’s irrelevant in life today, where you’re the star and you’re worried about your own influence and relationships and you can’t take your eyes off of D.C. Hell, if Hollywood is so powerful how come Trump won? When other than Chachi, no celebrity would show up for him? Seems he had his finger on the pulse much more than the entertainment industrial complex, which refuses to believe it built him and loves the ratings that come with covering him.

Talk about taking no responsibility.

Do you think Logan Paul’s fans care you castigated him for his video in the suicide forest? Hell, he was wrong, but he didn’t even need to apologize, his fans had no problem with it.

And C. Delores Tucker and her ilk got Warner to blow out Interscope which promptly became the biggest label in the business and now hip-hop dominates and did you even get that reference, do you even know who that is?

Maybe if Jimmy Iovine foisted the Globes on all of our iPhones like he did U2, maybe then there would be an effect, but it would be OUTRAGE!

The truth is you can turn off the TV, you don’t have to follow the news, but the people who print every day, who are part of the complex, just don’t get it that the game has changed.

Celebrity has been devalued. Managing your impact is now completely different.

And just because you tell us something, that does not make it so.

So Oprah can go to sleep basking in all the accolades.

Meanwhile, where’s my good-paying job? If I blow the whistle on my boss I’ll get fired. How am I gonna pay for health care?

Who cares about me?

Certainly not the people on TV.

Daphne Merkin – “Publicly, We Say #MeToo. Privately We Have Misgivings”

“No Longer A Unicorn, Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. Struggles to Grow”

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