Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Siggi’s Triple Cream | Lefsetz Letter

This stuff is like crack.

I was not enamored of the Siggi’s Skyr Felice purchased. It reminded me of the yogurt of the early sixties, when it was a health food, before all the added sugar and pasteurization, it was not exactly sweet and not exactly bitter but not exactly satisfying.

But the nutritionist said I could eat as much of Siggi’s 4% whole-milk yogurt as I wanted, as long as it was not the vanilla, which has agave, which is a no-no.

That’s right, too much of conventional wisdom is wrong. Quinoa has little protein, that food special on Netflix is inane, and there’s nothing wrong with fat, you need it, it makes your food taste good so you get satisfied sooner and don’t overeat. So when you see those people with their carb bars and zero fat yogurt laugh.

Now the 4% whole-milk yogurt tastes much better. But there’s not much of it, it comes in a flat container of 125 grams but it does have 12 grams of protein, and it was my morning yogurt of choice until…

Dedicated readers know that I’m addicted to Dannon Coffee Yogurt. That I’ve been known to go from store to store in search of it, like a junkie. I’ve spent days eating only it and trail mix, swirled together, that’s my idea of satisfaction, whip one up for my last meal. But that trail mix resulted in so many broken teeth I was about to become a partner with my dentist. So, I went cold turkey on the nuts, and then my nutritionist talked about the amount of sugar and…

I stopped.

Not that she made me. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, she’s not a martinet, she believes I’m entitled to some pleasure, but I switched to Siggi’s 4%.

Then I started adding in some walnuts. I know, I know, I’ve backslid, but walnuts are soft and the whole thing reminds me of what once was and I’m hoping the longer I consume it and the more distance between me and Dannon and trail mix the more I’ll forget about my elixir of choice. But it’s just like heroin, you can be clean for years, but then one hit will put you over, I know from experience.

But last week Instacart made a mistake, and instead of the 4% Siggi’s they delivered…


I’m loath to tell you this, I don’t want there to be a run at the markets, but this stuff is so satisfying it will put a smile on your face and make you hoard, it’s that good.

They are tiny little containers. Only 114 grams. It’s like sitting down with caviar, only much cheaper and much sweeter.

Yes, it’s sweet.

But it’s not Chobani.

Greek yogurt, love it. And I’m one of those people who believe nothing can be too sweet. But come on Chobani, you’re just adding too much sugar, you’re leaving health behind, but Siggi’s Triple Cream…

So I open the fridge and see the Lilliputian cups and start to laugh, I ask Felice, WHAT IS THIS?

But it’s all we had and I ripped off the top and dug in my spoon and…as the lone review on Amazon says:


Siggis Icelandic Style Strained Triple Cream Yogurt

Nothing this good can be good for you, so I asked the nutritionist.

She said the 4% had more protein and less fat, but I could eat two Triple Creams a day if I wanted.

And I do.

I was just at Gelson’s, trying to fill my pail enough to qualify for the coupon. What did I want?

And then I saw the dairy case and my heart started to pitter-patter, I was jonesing, did they have it…THEY DID!

And as soon as I got home I ripped off the top and dug in.

It’s just that damn good.

And good for you.

Well, compared to the usual sugar-laden crap.

Consider this a public service announcement.

You’ll thank me.

Click on “triple cream” on the right-hand side, under “skyr.” Or scroll down the page:


[from http://ift.tt/2k9aO1A]

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