Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Certain Songs #1043: The Lucy Show – “Melody” | Medialoper

Album: Mania
Year: 1986

Pretty much forgotten three decades later, The Lucy Show — said “Lucy” in their name always reminding me of Van Pelt, not Ball, for reasons I’ll never understand — put out a couple of albums in the mid-1980s and then called it a day.

And to be honest, I really didn’t like their first album, 1985’s …undone, and only a few songs on the follow-up, Mania. But one of those songs was the roiling and driving “Melody,” which had just enough of what the title promised to fully catch my ears.

And even then, one song wasn’t enough for me to learn who any of the band members were prior to right this very second, so when I tell you that it’s the lush production of the harmonies of Mark Bandola and Mark Vandeven that I really like floating on top of the half-jangly / half-goth guitars, please pretend like I didn’t have to go back to my tab that has Wikipedia a couple of times to make sure I spelled their names correctly.

“Melody” fades in from infinity, always one of my favorite tricks, like we’re capturing only part of an everlasting tune, and it slyly gathers momentum verse after verse after verse, until at the end, a simple-sounding guitar solo comes spinning out of the mix as they first sing and then shout “Melody” over and over again.


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