Thursday, September 7, 2017

Former MTV and Maker Studios exec to lead video for Spotify | UNLIMITED | CMU


As former VH1 exec Tom Calderone departs his job overseeing video and podcasts at Spotify, why not bring in a former MTV exec to take over? Why not indeed. And to that end Spotify has hired former MTV-er Courtney Holt to be its Head Of Spotify Studios & Video. Which is a different job title to Calderon, but the remit is similar.

One time record label exec Holt has plenty of experience working with short-form video content designed for online consumption. After MTV, and following a stint at the short lived MySpace Music, Holt joined Maker Studios, one of those multi-channel networks that help YouTuber talent generate mega-bucks around their content and brands. That ultimately meant working within the Disney empire, which acquired Maker in 2015.

It remains to be seen what Holt does with Spotify’s video offering, which has never really gained much momentum, despite some high profile partnerships and commissions. It is thought the short-term aim is to build video assets around the more popular playlist brands on the Spotify platform.


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