Thursday, September 7, 2017

CMU Insights digital masterclass to dissect five developing news stories | UNLIMITED | CMU

Music Applications

The first in a new series of CMU Insights training courses will help attendees better understand at least five developing music business news stories. ‘Digital Deals, Dollars And Trends – Explained!’ is a half-day masterclass on 18 Sep that provides a concise but comprehensive guide to the streaming business, explaining how streaming services are licensed, how streaming royalties are paid, which streaming services dominate, and what challenges remain.

The masterclass will also explain who the current winners are from the streaming boom, and why streaming income keeps rising yet most streaming services remain unprofitable. It will provide the background to Spotify’s various mechanical royalty rows in the US and what the ‘fake song’ controversy was all about earlier this year. And it will also explain what all the chatter about ‘user-centric royalty distribution’ refers to and why YouTube remains the music industry’s enemy number one.

The masterclass takes place on 18 Sep at 2pm at the London HQ of Lewis Silkin – tickets are just £99 including VAT and booking fee. Click here to read a CMU Insights blog post on the news stories covered in the masterclass and click here to buy your tickets.


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