Monday, July 31, 2017

Apple discontinues iPod Nano and Shuffle | UNLIMITED | CMU


It’s good that Apple discontinues iPod ranges from time to time, it reminds us that they still make standalone music players in the age of the smart phone. And aren’t you glad to be reminded of that? I know I am.

Apple last week announced that it was discontinuing the two economy versions of its once iconic digital music player, the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle. Both have already been removed from the Apple website and they will be dropping off the shelves on the high street too. If you want to carry on iPodding you’re going to have to do it via an iPod Touch. Which is just an iPhone without the useful bits. What a shame.

The tech giant said: “Today, we are simplifying our iPod line-up with two models of iPod Touch now with double the capacity starting at just $199 and we are discontinuing the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano”.

Presumably Apple will pension off the iPod Touch in a few years, just in time for the MP3 Revival, when all the cool kids start insisting that low bit rates, clunky devices and annoying DRM is the only way to properly experience music. Of course, technically it will be an AAC Revival. Unless the real hipsters push for an ATRAC Revival. Sony Connect anyone?


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