Thursday, May 4, 2017

SoundCloud launches daily personalised new music playlist | UNLIMITED | CMU


SoundCloud has announced a new feature, The Upload, a personalised playlist of 20 new tracks available on the streaming platform compiled individually for each user and updated on a daily basis.

“With a constantly expanding mix of music uploaded to SoundCloud every day, we’ve now made it easier to filter through it all”, says the company. “The Upload is all about surfacing more of what you’re into, or what you might be, and is the go-to destination for a regularly updated, bespoke playlist of new music relevant to you”.

It goes on: “With the largest and most diverse music catalogue around, we want to make discovery on SoundCloud even easier and we’re utilising machine learning to offer new ways for you to find more music. This new feature is another opportunity for creators on SoundCloud to get their music heard by our global community and a great way for listeners to be on the pulse of what’s next, now”.

The playlist will dump a couple of hours of new music on you every day of the week, which is probably a bit much. However, an easier way to navigate brand new music on the platform will be a welcome addition for many of its users. It’s not a way of selling the SoundCloud Go premium tier though, because The Upload is available to everyone, so won’t assist in the digital firm’s top priority of driving new revenue streams.


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