Thursday, May 4, 2017

CMU Insights @ The Great Escape programme now live | UNLIMITED | CMU

CMU @ TGE 2017

We are now just two weeks away from this year’s Great Escape, and the full programme has now gone live for the four CMU Insights conferences that sit at the heart of the TGE Convention. Plus there’s a new post on the CMU Insights blog providing a speedy overview.

Four conferences in one, CMU Insights @ The Great Escape offers a mix of presentations, case studies, interviews and panel debates, tapping into CMU’s daily music business reportage and the CMU Insights training courses to be timely, educational and entertaining.

The four conferences are as follows…

The Media Conference on 18 May in Dukes 2 explores the new business models being employed by the music media, and the impact they have on music journalism, plus the evolution of music radio and music PR. More on The Media Conference here.

The Drugs Conference, supported by Help Musicians UK, on 18 May in Dukes 1, looks at the impact of drugs on music, both on the industry’s venues and festivals from a licensing and logistics perspective, and on the music community itself from a health point of view. More on The Drugs Conference here.

The Export Conference, supported by BPI, on 19 May in Dukes 1, looks at how to launch new artists into new markets, the challenges around visas, the role of showcase festivals, and the potential impact of Brexit on the music industry. More on The Export Conference here.

The Royalties Conference on 19 May in Dukes 2 follows the money as it flows from sale, stream and sync – all around the world – through to the artist and songwriter. With a special focus on live performance, sync and the lack of transparency in digital. More on The Royalties Conference here.

Or check the speedy blog here.

Look out for regular updates in the CMU Daily over the next two weeks with the very final speaker announcements and the top ten questions we’ll be answering this year. A small number of delegate passes and conference-only passes are still available if you haven’t got yours yet.


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