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This Virtual Charity Concert on November 24 is raising money for good causes – including those affected by COVID-19 | Music Business Worldwide

The music industry’s at its best when it’s doing good – and Let Me Help does a lot of it.

The US-based charitable foundation raises money through music-focused events that it then spends on helping those whose lives and livelihoods have been affected in some way by an unforeseen circumstance or illness.

To date, Let Me Help’s donations have supported causes including The American Cancer Society, as well as anti-bullying campaign Creative Visions for #iamnojoke plus specific projects helping those diagnosed with prostate cancer via the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

For obvious reasons, Let Me Help is now directing funds towards COVID-19 relief efforts in the United States. Later this month, Let Me Help will host an ambitious four-hour online event to benefit those left shattered by the impact of Coronavirus, as well as the other aforementioned good causes.

Presented by Let Me Help inc founder John Pasquale (aka SohoJohnny), the Let Me Help inc Virtual Charity Concert takes place on Tuesday, November 24, starting at 7pm ET.

Those billed to appear include the likes of Sir Patrick Stewart, Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne, Henry Rollins, Jeff Goldblum, Jane Lynch, Julian Lennon, Mickey Burns, Howard Bloom, Scott Page, Kenny Lee Lewis, Fred Schneider and other surprises.

Musical performances are booked from John Lodge, Jasmine Kara, Kim Sledge, Leland Sklar and The Immediate Family, Natalie Shay, Leon, Rick Wakeman, ShaNaNa, Stephen Perkins, Suzie Quatro, Ten Years After, Thomas Claxton, Kenny Aronoff, Will Crewdson, Juliana, and many others

You can donate to Let Me Help and the Virtual Charity Concert in the lead-up to and during the event.

Here, the Let Me Help team – philanthropist, recording artist, and producer John (SohoJohnny) Pasquale; friend and mentor to SohoJohnny, CEO of MD25 Entertainment and veteran entertainment executive, John Velasco; and iconic music journalist Eileen Shapiro – explain the foundation’s aims, and the ambitions of the Virtual Charity Concert…

How did Let Me Help come to be and what is the mission of the foundation?

SohoJohnny: I’ve always had a strong affinity for music. It makes people joyful.

I created Let Me Help, Inc not only to uplift the human spirit but use it as a platform to help those less fortunate. Our mission is simply “To spread music, joy, and illumination to the human soul and spirit while helping others.”

Eileen, How and why did you get involved?

Eileen Shapiro: I met Johnny nearly two years ago and was immediately touched by his kindness, generosity and authenticity. Sadly during this pandemic Johnny lost his mom to the virus, and years before he lost his dad to cancer. As an empath SohoJohnny felt a need to do something for those suffering loss like he did.

“Sadly during this pandemic Johnny lost his mom to the virus… he felt a need to do something for those suffering loss like he did.”

Full of positivity, Johnny started doing various concerts and events for charity which led to Let Me Help. Sometimes creativity comes from the darkest corners… Johnny has room in his life for everything that matters.

There are some starry names due to contribute to the online event on November 24. How did you get bookings like Ozzy, Patrick Stewart and Ten Years After?

John Velasco: Andrew Cole is the founder of #IAMNOJOKE, an anti-bullying campaign to raise awareness. Andrew is a fabulous musician who filmed a documentary collaborating with superstars including those you mentioned and more. We are lucky to have all of these illumination superstars.

What could the wider music industry be doing to better support your efforts?

SohoJohnny: Many Artists show their inner beauty through the divine creation of heartfelt music connections, however it takes a vulnerability and empathy to have that quality emanating nakedly from their souls. Point is they feel the pain of the world since they are turned inside out to show us their humanity. It’s based on love, need and dependency.

“It’s based on love, need and dependency.”

That being said we thank the wider music industry and hope that they will continue to be the philanthropist that they are. Many of us live in our private purgatory but have so much love inside.

What would you like to achieve with the Virtual Concert?

Eileen Shapiro: First and foremost we want people to enjoy the concert and all of those artists who have given their time. We would love to be able to raise enough awareness and funds to help these causes in every way possible.

We’d like everyone to take an enforced visit to an imaginary realm in this fractured world and give from your heart.Music Business Worldwide


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