Wednesday, November 4, 2020

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I’m numb.

How could the polls get it so wrong?

The only silver lining is 2018. If you remember, it was bleak for Democrats on election night, but over the ensuing days the results changed in many races and the outcome was ultimately much more positive.

It was not supposed to go down this way. The traditional Democrats gamed the system, installed Biden, and they even convinced us everything was copacetic, but come on, there was a giant enthusiasm gap. Old Joe was phenomenal yesterday, even better than Obama, but it was too late, it was always too late, it’s still too late.

Once again, Democrats were optimistic. They felt they had this one. They ignored the prognostications of those crying “authoritarianism” like Sarah Kendzior and Umair Haque. Those two didn’t even get mainstream traction, even though they were the canaries in the coal mine. Their opinions were too outside.

But now we are here.

I’m not going to predict or even envision what happens if Trump ultimately wins, however…

Everything they told us was wrong. Lindsey Graham was on the bubble, he was losing in the dollar race, yet he walked to victory.

And Florida, and Texas, turned out they were not in play. All those upstart Democrats, who were going to eviscerate the status quo? They fell by the wayside.

And even Lauren Boebert is gonna win.

Here’s the truth folks. The red hate the blue. Too many bluish people don’t truly know red people. I’m not talking about the person in your neighborhood, I’m not talking about your circle of friends, I’m talking about those in the Deep South, those in the rural areas, the hinterlands. It’s not just a difference of opinion, it’s worse than the Hatfields and McCoys. I was on the phone with a legendary country musician. I asked him about politics…he didn’t want to go there. But when he danced around it, talking about the elites…it was scary.

But the 2018 comeback was all local. Whereas we live in a country made up of states. Can a Californian convince a Texan to go blue? Hell no, Texas and its enablers have been denigrating the Golden State for years, talking about taxes and hindrances to business. But isn’t Silicon Valley in California? It’s just like Trump denigrating New York, you’d expect lawlessness in Manhattan. As a matter of fact, that’s how many red staters see the blue states. Socialist where the upstarts are coddled as opposed to put down, and nothing puts you down like a gun.

So, why did they vote Trump, in addition to their hatred of the Democrats?

FREEDOM! They don’t want people to tell them what to do. Don’t talk to me about voting against their own interests, don’t talk to me about abortion rights, what they’re interested in is being able to be whoever they want to be with no infringement. The right owns “freedom” just like it owns “taxes.”

It’s a dirty word. The government wastes your hard-earned money. And just like the Democrats let the right define Hillary, they’ve let the right define taxes. Never mind it being your civic duty, we do have roads we drive on, so many services that taxes pay for. And, as far as that canard that the poor don’t pay any taxes, they pay them all day long, because they spend their wages, and go to the grocery store, buy anything, even on Amazon, and there are taxes.

Meanwhile Trump lies and even Jack Nicklaus believes it. He says that his Covid was cured by hydroxychloroquine and that hospitals get paid more for Covid deaths, look it up:

Trump controls the news cycle. So what he says has impact. As for facts, as for truth, they went out the window years ago. It’s every person for themselves in America, and therefore lying, cheating and stealing is cool, unless you get caught, even in some cases if you get caught, like Roger Stone.

So it didn’t seem like Election Day. They were so busy telling us to wait days for results that we didn’t expect any. And then I looked at my phone in the late afternoon and they were already calling states. HOW CAN THIS BE?

But it gets worse, everybody’s got a different take. “The New York Times” is calling states blue that TV is calling red. As for TV, CNN’s coverage is so superior it’s laughable, John King deserves an Emmy for tonight’s performance with the electric maps. The way he keeps drilling down, comparing to four years ago, updating the count, playing out scenarios… On MSNBC we just get spin. As for Fox…a terrible set with no energy.

So what we know now is Trump is not going to concede, no way. He told us so, but now we’ve got to believe it.

One thing’s for damn sure, this election is gonna be close. As for counting all the ballots, verifying signatures on mail-in ballots… Supposedly very few have been rejected already: but on recount??

Let the games begin, let the arguments begin.

Naysayers were not listened to. Not only Kendzior and Haque, but even Bill Maher. For years he’s been sounding the alarm, saying Trump won’t leave, and the Democrats’ answer? HE’LL HAVE TO! As if possession were not nine-tenths of the law, in this case possession of the White House.

So, it turned out the national media, the elites, were not in touch with the pulse of the people. Sure, Facebook is a bad actor, spreading falsehoods, but that’s another thing the Democrats don’t understand, THERE ARE NO UNDECIDED VOTERS! Nothing Trump says can sway his minions, can push them away from him. Even if only truth was told Trump still would have gotten their vote.

So, four years ago, after Hillary’s defeat, the left and the media did a big self-investigation. Nate Silver did an exhaustive mea culpa, but this time around he said that Biden had a 90% chance of winning. As for those margins? They disappeared into thin air, they never really existed.

Philadelphia has stopped counting mail-in ballots for the night: So we’re not going to get a result tonight, Pennsylvania is truly the Keystone State.

And Trump could win and it will be all over. Or we could argue about it for eons, but the Democrats always concede, for the good of the country. As for riots in the street? I don’t expect them, certainly not soon. The Democrats are not fired-up, they’re not angry, they’re stupefied, and too busy licking their wounds.

Biden could still emerge victorious. There’s a good chance of it.

But we do not live in the country we’ve been told we do, no way. The media is in such a bubble that it can’t see reality. Which is that a whole slew of people are pissed the country didn’t go their way. Talk about international trade, talk about immigration, talk about minorities… And, they need something to believe in, in this case nationalism. Yes, you can rally around the flag, even in Sturgis, and that can be enough to live on as your parents die of the Covid-19 you brought back from South Dakota and you get evicted from your domicile. You’ve still got your freedom, you’ve still got your gun to defend yourself, even though today’s wars are fought on computers, and even if you’re dumb and uneducated, you showed those people who thought they were better than you that ultimately they were not.

Dark days ahead. We’ve turned the corner on Covid-19, we’re on the verge of herd immunity and Scott Atlas knows more than Dr. Fauci!

And the truth is the bluish elite threw over civics decades ago, it was too busy getting rich, elbowing everybody else out, however hard they worked for the money. You just can’t do the right thing every four years, money can’t solve all problems, especially when it comes to hearts and minds.

So now, we’re like Eastern Europe. Azerbaijan and the Armenians are in a death duel. We can’t solve our country’s problems in a day, never mind a year or a decade, they’re baked in!

So, if you’re on the right, if you’re a Trumper, congratulations, you’ve got a better of idea of where this country is at than everybody in the media. And if Biden wins, you won’t take it lying down, you’ll take to the streets.

And the Democrats will be afraid.

Very afraid.

It’s nighttime in America. I’m afraid to go to sleep because I’m afraid to wake up and get the results.

It’s not the America I grew up in. Hasn’t been for decades. Income inequality, the opioid war… Reagan legitimized greed, and both parties drank at the trough. Clinton caved in to the right and cut welfare benefits. And Gore conceded after Roger Stone’s Brooks Brothers revolution and today, a president can even legitimize his followers shooting people and surrounding a Biden bus, scaring those involved to the point that rallies are canceled. After all, there are good people on both sides.

Check that, turns out there are only good people on one side. THEIRS!


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