Tuesday, November 3, 2020

German study offers optimism for Covid-safe music concerts | Music Ally

Artists, the music industry and fans alike are keen for news on how and when concerts can return safely, at scale. There’s news of an encouraging experiment in Germany to report this morning.

Pollstar has the story: about a concert at Lepzig’s Quarterback Immobilien Arena for 1,500 attendees, wearing contact-tracing devices to gather data on their movements within the venue.

But the organisers also used fog machines to track the air flow within the arena, to understand the potential risks of airborne Covid-19 transmission. And the findings?

“The overall number of contacts lasting several minutes, which are the critical contacts according to the scientists, wasn’t that high, and could be reduced significantly with the right hygiene concepts,” reported Pollstar.

“Most contacts take place during entry and breaks, which is why the planning need to focus those aspects of any given show. Bad ventilation may increase the number of people exposed to the risk of infection.”

Learning the lessons from this and other  studies will be crucial to the safe reopening of the live industry at a meaningful scale.

Stuart Dredge

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