Monday, November 2, 2020

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Generator For Musicians | Music Think Tank

As some countries begin to open up and others continue to see further restrictions implemented, it’s clear that this pandemic is going to be with us in some shape or form for many months to come.

The consequences of Covid-19 restrictions have been severe for many industries around the world, perhaps hitting the live music and performance sector harder and more severely than most. As lockdown rules are eased once more, musicians will undoubtedly be raring to get back on stage and for many that will mean working to a new set of guidelines to ensure the safety of you, your fellow musicians and your audience.

Here in the UK, the government have laid out a clear set of guidelines that all event organisers must adhere to, one of which is to ensure health and safety procedures have been carefully thought through and evidence is provided in the form of a Risk Assessment.

This means than venues and promoters are often required to seek Covid-19 Risk Assessment documents from bands, musicians and performers. For independent musicians this can sometimes be outside their usual comfort zone and be met with a degree of anxiety and so to solve this issue we’ve built a free tool to set you off on the right foot.

A Risk Assessment isn’t as scary as it sounds, it’s basically written evidence that you’ve thought through any potential risks, taken appropriate steps to reduce that risk and are confident that any potential risks have been eradicated or minimised to a reasonable level.

The Covid-19 Risk Assessment Generator is a simple pdf tool which allows you the musician to input your details, fill in the form fields that apply to your particular situation or venue, and download the pdf. It’s completely free to use with no sign in required.

Check out the tool at Bands For Hire where you’ll also find a number of other useful tools for musicians.


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