Friday, November 13, 2020

Artist Tom Vek is crowdfunding a Sleevenote music player | Music Ally

In 2016, we interviewed artist Tom Vek about his work on a mobile app called Sleevenote, which offered “interactive sleeve artwork for your digital music”. He’d clearly been thinking hard about the listening experience on streaming services, and that has continued.

Vek has just launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for a new iteration of Sleevenote, and it’s hardware instead of an app.

“A unique premium music player that allows you to experience your music collection as a rich art-led experience,” as the pitch describes it.

A square device with a touchscreen sized somewhere in the middle of a CD and a 7-inch vinyl, it will store music downloads, but also stream from Apple Music and Spotify. It will pull in artwork from the existing Sleevenote database too.

There is a tough target with a tight deadline though. Vek wants to raise just under £500k in the next 28 days to make a first run of 1,000 devices, with backers able to secure one by pledging £533.

Stuart Dredge


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