Thursday, November 12, 2020

Afem launches sexual harassment and discrimination code of conduct | Music Ally

The recent death of DJ Erick Morillo, and multiple accusations against him of sexual assault, have shone a light on issues of sexual harassment and discrimination in the electronic music world.

Industry body the Association for Electronic Music (Afem) has now drawn up a code of conduct to tackle this behaviour. You can find it here, with Afem saying it “begins the process of setting professional standards within the industry for our members and industry to adopt”.

The organisation is being careful to describe it as a step in the right direction, rather than a ready-made solution. “We want to bring about an electronic music culture where everyone involved feels safe, respected and free from sexual harassment and risk of assault, to ensure safe environments for fans and professionals and to advocate for a culture of support for victims of harassment and assault to ensure they are encouraged to come forward and feel they will be supported when they do,” said general manager Greg Marshall.

Stuart Dredge


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