Monday, November 2, 2020

4 Of The Best Ways To Enjoy Vintage Music Records | Music Think Tank

Although digital music files are here to stay, there’s still something special about listening to an old music record. In fact, even new artists appreciate this medium to the point that they often release new albums on vinyl records. To ensure the best listening experience so that you can fully appreciate these vintage masterpieces, it’s good to have some basic equipment in place.

Tube Amp

Even though an amp by itself can’t reproduce music, it’s still an important component of enjoying vintage music records. Many users feel that these older-style amps produce a warmer and richer sound than their newer counterparts. The good news is that these older amps were built to last, meaning they can still be found fairly easily. The best ones, though, will cost you due to the law of supply and demand.

Good Speakers

To truly experience a vintage record, it’s important to have some good speakers to be able to experience every detail of the music. Speakers that have large woofers are especially desirable because they can help to faithfully reproduce the low end that was often quite prominent on vintage music records. By pairing a set of quality vintage speakers with a vintage tube amp, you can get the full vintage experience with truly remarkable sound quality.


If you really want to take a step back in time, a Victrola record-playing machine is sure to do the trick. While it won’t have the same sound quality as more modern equipment, there is absolutely nothing like the unique experience of hand-cranking the phonograph and enjoying the crackly music that comes through the distinctly shaped speaker. This machine is especially desirable if you have records from the 20s and 30s when the Victrola would have been used originally.

As a Collage

If you have more of an appreciation for the large album art of vintage music records than the music itself, you can make an incredible art piece by assembling multiple album covers side by side. With multiple colors and designs on every cover, this type of collage will create a great conversation piece that reflects your love for items from the past. By storing the records separately from the sleeves, you can enjoy both the visual and the musical art that these albums offer.


Half the fun of vintage music albums and equipment is in tracking it down. By visiting flea markets, estate sales, and a variety of other outlets, you will be able to slowly piece together your collection into a thing of beauty. Thus, each piece will be connected to a special memory that you can think of every time you listen to that particular album.



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