Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Twitch is fielding another round of DMCA takedown notices | Music Ally

Music rightsholders are stepping up the pressure on Twitch to sign platform-wide music licensing deals, with another round of DMCA takedown notices for archived broadcasts and clips on Amazon’s live video service.

Esports consultant Rod Breslau first reported the news on Twitter somewhat dramatically: “The Twitch DMCA bloodbath has begun, as hundreds of partnered streamers have received emails from Twitch…”

The screenshot he provided of one of those emails suggested that Twitch is deleting affected videos straight away rather than asking channels to remove the content or challenge the copyright claims, but that it’s giving creators a “one-time warning” rather than a more formal punishment.

Un-coincidentally, yesterday Twitch updated creators on its work to “help you make informed choices about using music on your channel, while respecting the rights of our music community partners”, finishing off with this statement:

“We are incredibly proud of the essential service Twitch has become for so many creators, including songwriters, artists and other music industry partners, during this challenging time. It is critical to us that their rights are respected.”

Rightsholders remain keen for that respect to translate into more deals, as soon as possible.

Stuart Dredge


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