Thursday, October 8, 2020

Trade bodies go after Brazilian ‘streaming manipulation’ sites | Music Ally

The IFPI’s global battle against ‘streaming manipulation’ sites continues, with its latest frontier in Brazil.

Together with local body Pro-Música Brasil, it has cracked down on a group of sites that it says were offering to artificially inflate stream counts for clients on music services.

One of the main targets was a site called TurboSocial and a group of affiliated sites, with the IFPI saying that after taking action, their operator has stopped offering the services, and promised not to launch them again in the future.

Seven other unrelated sites have also stopped offering these services: six after cease-and-desist orders, and one voluntarily. The news comes shortly after the IFPI and German body BVMI secured court injunctions against five websites in Germany.

Stuart Dredge


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