Thursday, October 29, 2020

Top 10 Music Blogs You Should Follow In Lockdown | Music Think Tank

What are the Blogs?

Blogs are free and popular blogging services that allow you to create private journals, blogs, discussion forums and social networking sites. More than 14 million blogs and communities have been created since 1999. LiveJournal allows you to post blogs from your mobile phone. Until a couple of years ago, blogs were just articles, but now blogging is not just about writing, but also photo blogs, sketch blogs, video blogs, music blogs, audio like podcasts. The scope has become very wide and all of these have now become a big part of the Internet. Unlike assignment help UK services, blogs are free platforms to be used by anyone interested in the related field.
Blogging is arguably the most important activity on the Internet right now. Millions of people write their own blogs or read other people’s blogs and it is spreading like wildfire on the internet. Hundreds of blogging tools have made this task much easier. In addition, blogging is gaining momentum through the use of various devices.

Music Blogs are in Trend

Music Blogs are one of the most trending and hot topics of our times when there are a lot of music lovers or musicians, who are fresh in line and want to earn fame and publicity. The means of conveying one’s conscience to others in any form are inseparable from human life. From the very beginning of this world of water and flowers, man has been conveying his feelings and thoughts to others in various forms. In every age, human minds have invented different types of media. Since the advent of internet technology in the last decade, they have added another new medium in the media called blogs.

Best Music Bogs to Follow in Quarantine Times:

Isn’t it better to spend your time in lockdown in something worth trying? Here are some of the music blogs that you must try this season.

Why Generation:

This blog is a good choice for someone who loves arts, music and fashion. Especially those who want to hear Indie Pop, Indie Rock & Singer-Songwriter.

Channel Wavy:

Channel Wavy like to promote waviest voices in London and around, from commercial, Electro Pop, Contemporary R&B,Conscious Hip-Hop to Neo-Soul music.

Cheers To The Vikings:

Cheers to the Vikings was launched as a sound cloud account in 2016. It’s  an American blog that promotes  commercial, singer, songwriter, electro pop, indie pop and pop rock.

Music Gateway:

On this blog, you get music industry jobs, music cloud storage, music news, music industry jobs, record labels.

Give It A Spin!

This music blog won the title of ‘Best Music Blog’ in infinity blog awards 2019. Give It A Spin’s main office is based in Greece and they love to promote downtempo, minimal Electronic, Jazz, indie rock, Hip Hop, conscious Hip-Hop and Lo-Fi.

Crack In The Road:

A UK based blog, crack in the road promotes electro pop and singer-songwriter genres. And the blog also loves to hear commercial sounds, indie pop or indie rock.

Caesar Live N Loud:

Caesar live n loud promotes contemporary r&b, commercial, electro pop & singer-songwriter.


Clout are another uk music blog who enjoy hearing electro pop, singer-songwriter, indie pop, indie rock & alternative.


This music blog promotes anything folk, indie pop, commercial, electro pop & singer-songwriter.

Analogue Trash:

Analogue trash’s preference is electro pop, alternative, indie pop, indie rock and shoegaze,dream Pop.
Author Bio: Ellie Singh is a professional academic writer at assignment expert and has been into music learning as part of her passionate life goals. She holds a Master’s degree in Literature and likes to manage both her passion and study load.

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