Monday, October 5, 2020

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek outlines his leadership style | Music Ally

The Observer Effect has published a long interview with Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, focusing on his management style and processes.

So, there aren’t many news lines for the likes of us to pick out on Spotify’s business, but lots of food for thought for anyone wondering what they can learn from the way its CEO runs the company.

“I typically tackle one topic a day which takes a lot of my time… A great meeting has three key elements: the desired outcome of the meeting is clear ahead of time; the various options are clear, ideally ahead of time; and the roles of the participants are clear at the time… I don’t think most executives dedicate enough time to thinking. They spend too much time in meetings… synchronous time is very costly; asynchronous time is better…” and more.

There’s also an interesting section on what Ek thinks Spotify’s algorithms are good for, and where they’re still outperformed by humans.

Stuart Dredge


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