Thursday, October 8, 2020

Spotify adds ‘promo cards’ feature for artists and podcasters | Music Ally

Spotify’s now traditional end-of-year Wrapped promotion sees artists and listeners alike flooding social media with branded graphics on their stats.

Now the streaming service is extending that idea for artists (and podcasters) with a feature called ‘Promo Cards‘.

It’s an online tool that they can use to create promotional graphics for songs, albums and artist profiles – as well as for a selection of Spotify’s playlists when they have a track included on them – ready for sharing on social media.

Podcasters can do the same thing for show profiles or individual episodes, and in both cases the visuals can be tweaked for colour and orientation.

Of course, many artists will continue using smart-link tools to ensure fans can listen wherever they choose, but as a single-platform tool, it’s a welcome addition to Spotify’s offering for artists.

Stuart Dredge


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