Thursday, October 22, 2020

Say Hello to the Hosts of ‘The Get Up,’ Spotify’s New Daily Morning Show | Spotify

First thing in the morning, you might crave great wake-up tunes. Or, maybe you like to get the day started with the latest news. Whatever your ritual, Spotify is combining these two options in The Get Up, a new weekday morning show that’s the best of both worlds.

The Get Up is here to keep you up-to-date with the latest in pop culture, news, entertainment, and music, thanks to our three hosts—Kat Lazo, Speedy Morman, and Xavier “X” Jernigan—who each have something unique to offer listeners and each other. Plus, between segments will be music that’s personalized just for you, so you know there will always be something to enjoy.

Get to know The Get Up hosts who will help you start your day with fresh takes and fresh tunes.

Why are you excited for The Get Up?

Kat: I’m excited for folks to get to know me and my cohosts, because the dynamic we have is so genuine. We’re bringing the same energy we have in our personal group chat to the mic. I’ve never had brothers before, and I imagine this is what it’d be like if I had an older and younger brother. And I tend to be the rebellious middle child. 

I’m also excited for listeners to experience having tailored music to listen to during The Get Up. That’s something new that I’ve never heard of before and allows folks to feel intimate with the  morning show. 

Speedy: Spotify is truly bringing a unique listening experience to the world with The Get Up. It’s a style that’s fresh and provides a fun alternative to the current audio landscape. Nowhere else do you get a morning talk show with personalized music catered to you. The fresh format, coupled with the camaraderie between Xavier, Kat, and myself, makes for a truly fun, informative, and entertaining adventure. 

X: I’m excited to help people get up in the morning and ease into their day with a smile. We want you in on the conversations we will have around the news and pop culture stories you need to know, and you’ll get to know me, Kat, and Speedy in a special way

I’m also hyped about the fact that our show incorporates the latest tech that brings together our conversations with your personalized music—curated for each listener of The Get Up by the top music editors in the world. I know because I’ve worked side by side with them for the last four years. The Get Up is the best of both worlds: a fun and interesting convo that informs plus great music based on what you already listen to!

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