Thursday, October 1, 2020

Rewind and remix radio with Teenage Engineering’s new OB-4 | Music Ally

Teenage Engineering’s pocket-sized synthesizers are marvellous, but now the Swedish company is applying its innovation skills to radio.

Its latest device, the OB-4, is pitched as a “magic radio” – a portable Bluetooth speaker that can also receive FM radio broadcasts. The twists being that, well, owners will be able to twist the audio itself.

“OB–4 continuously memorises everything you listen to on an endless looping tape,” explained the company – said tape being a rolling two-hour recording to its internal storage. “Rewind, time-stretch and loop at the flick of your fingertips. on purpose or by accident.”

So it’s a device that wants people to play with the radio almost as an instrument in itself. Other modes include ‘Ambient’ which creates a drone using snippets of a radio broadcast, and a ’30 in 1 Musical Mantra Box’.

Stuart Dredge


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