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Remarketing For Musicians

Remarketing, a tactic where you aim ads at people have already visited or been active on your website, is often used by companies to boost product/service sales and (since music business is a business) can often be an effective tool for musicians as well!

Guest post by Randi Zimmerman of the Symphonic Blog

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a marketing tactic where you target ads to people who have already visited or taken action on your website. Marketers use this to promote specific products, generate leads, and more with great success, and musicians can too. Here’s how to do it…

Remarketing for Musicians

Remarketing offers many benefits for musicians. It not only reminds visitors to further engage with your brand, but it also facilitates the transition to next steps. That could be to buy merch or tickets to your next show or to subscribe to your weekly newsletter, it’s up to you.

How does it work?

Retargeting allows you to target ads to people based on certain actions or behaviors that they’ve taken. — For example, you can target ads to:

  • Anyone who visited one of your landing pages.
  • Fans who use Spotify. Or Apple Music. Or Any service.
  • Fans who Pre-Saved your music.
  • Merch or concert tickets to fans who have already clicked to listen to your music.
  • Fans who clicked on links related to Hip Hop.
  • Fans by location to create awareness about your next gig.
  • Fans who follow your playlists.
  • For a contest to fans who complete a click through on your Action Pages.

“The ultimate benefit of retargeting is to help you get more revenue and streams for every dollar spent. It helps you to not waste your ad dollars by creating hyper targeted ads that only reach the right users.” — Jeanette Borzon, Artist Support Manager at


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Want to learn more?

On October 1st, tune in and join members of the Symphonic and teams in our upcoming Live Q&A session. // In it, you can ask questions and learn everything you need to know about marketing tools like this and how to use them.

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