Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Radio Tools tracks music plays on radio and TV stations | Music Ally

The ‘will streaming kill radio’ debate rumbles on, but it certainly hasn’t happened yet: radio airplay remains important for many artists, and tracking it globally remains a challenge.

We’ve written about startups like World Airplay Radio Monitor (Warm) in the past, and now there’s a new contender: Maltese startup Radio Tools.

It’s analysing the music played on more than 48k radio stations around the world, as well as 1.2k satellite TV channels.

The company says it’s using new audio recognition tech to make sure it’s as efficient and affordable as possible: “You don’t have to upload your audio if it’s already available in streaming services,” is its pitch to artists, managers and labels.

How affordable? Radio Tools is charging €4 per month to subscribe to a single artist’s statistics, or €39 a year. A single track can also be followed for €1 a month or €10 per year.

Radio Tools is also providing collecting society contacts to aid in royalty-claiming, and is planning to add podcasts to its database later this year.

Stuart Dredge


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