Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Pffttt | Lefsetz Letter

Covid is killing the theatres, not only for movies but for live shows. And it’s only going to get worse.

I’m sure you’re aware by now that Regal Cinemas have closed in the U.S. Concert venues are already closed. What can open them up? THE DECIMATION OF COVID-19!

The people are too afraid to go out. Forget the vocal minority, there are not enough people willing to flout mask and other prophylactic measures to keep the economy alive, the rest of us are just afraid. You can open it but they will not come, no way.

So, the movie studios are holding back pictures, they don’t want to lose their investment.

And it’s not only live business that has been decimated, magazines are dropping by the wayside. “Powder” and “Men’s Journal” just died and if you check your print subscription it probably says “Summer” or “Fall” or “September/October,” monthly is out the window. These publications were already challenged, with advertising moving online, but with advertisers having fewer bucks to spend and the public tightening its purse strings, somebody’s gonna get squeezed.

But you’re on your own. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. If you just had the right genes you would be a winner.

The one story you need to read today comes from the “Los Angeles Times”:

“Trump’s touting of ‘racehorse theory’ tied to eugenics and Nazis alarms Jewish leaders”

“‘You have good genes, you know that, right?’ Trump told a mostly all white crowd of supporters in Bemidji, Minn., on Sept. 18. ‘You have good genes. A lot of it is about the genes, isn’t it? Don’t you believe? The racehorse theory. You think we’re so different? You have good genes in Minnesota.'”

Talk about white nationalism, Charlottesville was amateur hour compared to this. And if you think this audience believes Black Lives Matter then you’re unaware of the militias fighting protesters, never mind the Proud Boys themselves.

Trump thinks he’s better. He truly does. We take it as a joke, but he does not.

Meanwhile, there was no ending to the movie, or a premature, unsatisfying one at best. Monday Trump went home, today “he reports no symptoms.” Assuming you can read, assuming you have the power of analysis, TRUMP REPORTED HE WAS SYMPTOM FREE, THAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE WHAT THE DOCTORS BELIEVE!

Do you know anybody who’s had Covid? Been to the hospital? It never goes down this way. If they do manage to exit from a medical facility they come home broken and barely alive. But Trump believes he’s different, and so do his minions. And they’re receiving different messaging, that Covid can be whipped, even someone in the demo with a preexisting condition like Trump could conquer it no problem. Let’s all get back to work! But as I stated above, most of the public does not want to do this, rightfully so, so…

There’s a fiction on the left that this is a normal election, that the regular rules apply, when nothing could be further from the truth. As for applying the laws, the courts are now stacked with Trump appointees, how do you think that’s going to play out? So the only way Biden has a chance of beating Trump is if the election results are definitively in Joe’s favor on election day. But I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to the polls. Furthermore, in many communities, especially in ones of color, voting requires hours long waits. We can’t get tens of millions of people to vote at all, do you think they’re going to stand in the cold for a full day just to cast their insignificant ballot? Oh, we know that every vote is important, we learned that in 2000, but that was twenty years ago, the youth did not live through it.

As for the mail-in vote, Trump has already said he is not going to accept it.

So, Biden lays off the negative advertising and Trump doubles down. It’s like they’re not even playing the same game. For illustration read Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers.” The white shoe law firms wouldn’t do takeovers, you needed upstarts, the Jews these firms would not employ, to get that ball rolling. The DNC is running a white shoe campaign. With “dignity.” Why not give us some truth? No, because they’re afraid of alienating someone who is gonna vote for Trump anyway. And the right is comprised of crybabies, anything they don’t like they complain about until the next crisis comes along.

But none of this is really relevant. Because Trump isn’t gonna accept the result if he loses, HE KEEPS SAYING THIS! And I ask you, when has Trump ever changed his mind, unless it was good for him? NEVER! So it’s been going Trump’s way for four years but somehow the Democrats believe we’re still living decades ago, with a modicum of decorum.
This story is starting to be reported. Trump’s authoritarian ways. The “New York Times” has published some articles, even Rachel Maddow is talking about authoritarianism now, but the a-word has not penetrated the country at large. It’s frightening. I engage with highly educated people who believe this is going to be a fair election and if we just get the vote out Biden will win and it’ll all be hunky-dory. IT’S NOT GOING TO GO DOWN THAT WAY!

And never forget, the people on television, the reporters, the anchors, and the reporters for the papers, they’re still getting paid, in some cases handsomely. They don’t know what it’s like to have no cash coming in, living on the financial edge.

But if you say all this who do you get complaints from? THE LEFT! It’s astounding, the left elite, and the party and the media are controlled by the elite, tells everybody to just shut up and get behind Biden, who can’t even fight when the lane is wide open. WHO IS GOING TO FIGHT TRUMP!

Trump is living in bizarroworld. He thinks he can debate next week. Forget his cognitive abilities, people won’t go to movie theatres, do you think everybody is willing to show up to get infected by Trump? And, the left will pull back and the right will make hay of this, that Biden is a wimp, who is afraid.

The last four days have been a lesson. That Trump defines the debate, not the left. And he makes truth. And if it’s untrue, that’s just your opinion, because facts are just opinions anyway, right?

That’s right, for days the left wing media followed Trump’s every move, the penumbra, what the doctors had to say, who would be in charge of the government if Trump had to pass the baton. But all their scenarios came to naught. Trump rose from the near-dead MORE POWERFUL THAN HE WAS BEFORE. After all, he looked Covid-19 in the eye and BEAT IT! Talk about a hero!

Give Pelosi credit, she won’t cave in to the right with a substandard stimulus bill that won’t solve most people’s problems but the truth is the Republicans keep blaming the economic crisis on her, on the left! It’s like offering ten grand for a new Mercedes-Benz, is the seller supposed to take it?

And sure, the left has commentators, but those in power, those in charge, just don’t stand up, they don’t rally the troops, they look like they’re afraid.

Schumer should say that the Democrats will give no consent in the Senate, which means no business can be done, which means Amy Coney Barrett can’t be confirmed, literally impossible. All Schumer has to do is push the button, BUT HE’S AFRAID OF ALIENATING POTENTIAL VOTERS! Come on, the right, Trump himself has no problem completely stopping the federal government, and the truth is his believers still believe. Just like the anti-Trump people are never going to vote for Joe. THERE ARE NO UNDECIDEDS!

In baseball it’s all about the data. But the DNC doesn’t believe in the data. Rachel Bitecofer says at most there are one to two percent who are undecided and it’s all about energizing the base and getting out the vote, but like Casey Stengel or some other alta kacher manager the DNC and its minions keep playing by their gut, looking at history, when the truth is you can’t win in baseball today without sabermetrics, it’s literally impossible, the game itself has changed. But these are the same people castigating tech, refusing to update their smartphones, giving crap to the voting age people on TikTok. The DNC is so invested in the past that it can be creamed by Trump. And elite boomers too. They think it’s still the last century, when that’s decades past.

You’ve got to make the public aware of Trump’s faux pas. Because public opinion must be on your side when Trump tries to steal the election. So far, all we are hearing is his side, to the point where even those on the left are susceptible to his bloviating about the flaws in mail-in ballots. Where is the concomitant story on the left? We don’t hear Joe Biden talking trash, saying every damn day that we’ve voted with absentee ballots for years with no significant problem. No, he and his handlers are just sitting on their hands, hoping and praying they can win in November.

Ain’t gonna happen folks. Do you think the man who truly believes he’s superior, who has lauded everybody from Putin to Xi to Kim Jong-un, is just gonna roll over and pass the baton? NO WAY! That’s not how they do it and that’s not how he’s gonna do it. And I hate to tell you this, but he’s got the power. Hell, why not declare martial law, and say the whole country is on lockdown and nothing can change. Sure, you can challenge him in court, but that hasn’t worked so far, the “New York Times” got the tax returns, not the system.

Trump says he feels STRONGER! Your head might be spinning, but his base believes it and since everything’s behind closed doors with a news blackout, it appears that he is, irrelevant of the truth.

Oh, that’s another thing that’s gone out the window, truth.

Vaccines are not the only way we can save our economy, return to normal life. Geofencing could do it. Requiring everybody to stay in the same place. Never mind tracking, which has helped so much in South Korea. Oh, but that’s right, we don’t want to impinge on anybody’s FREEDOMS! Meanwhile, a great percentage of Americans are afraid to leave the house. But, if they did, and wore masks, that also would go a long way towards eradicating Covid.

But NO! Biden can’t take a hard stand, can’t throw the long ball, because he’s afraid of alienating those people who are gonna vote for Trump anyway. No, you take a stand and you own it, you double-down on it, but it seems only Trump can do that today.

This election is about democracy. Believe me, those voting for Biden need no further inspiration, the horse race has been long over. But, the left needs to set the tone, get the public on its side for when the inevitable shenanigans begin in November. And if Trump concedes defeat? It’s just like war-gaming for the next virus, you prepare for the possibilities, especially the one Trump keeps telling us about over and over and over again.

We’re gonna have to fight for this country. ARE YOU WITH ME?


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