Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Peter & Tom Respond | Lefsetz Letter

From: Peter Frampton

Re: The Doobies & Frampton Play “Let It Rain”

Dear Bob,

The Doobies and I are so pleased you liked our “under covid cover” of “Let It Rain.” I’ve been a fan of their’s since their first album and was inspired to write Doobie Wah because I loved them and their music.

I opened for them way back and was in awe.  They were great then and keep on being great always. We recently toured together again and it was so enjoyable. Great people, good friends and I’m honoured to share this track with them.

Thanks Bob,



From: Tom Johnston

Re: The Doobies & Frampton Play “Let It Rain”


You hit upon two major factors in doing this project. One being we had a ball doing this song off that first Clapton solo album which I loved as did Peter and everyone else.

Secondly, we have toured with Peter twice. Last time was 2015 and it was a great pairing. Great jams and just watching each other play. And Peter can PLAY!

But you’re right, when you are singing/playing a song like this it is all about how good it feels!

So this was a win win for all of us.

And from some of the comments I’ve seen, the people are digging it too. 

It’s an upbeat song in decidedly rough times and folks need that right now. Something to make you smile and sing along. And with touring on hold so do we!



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