Friday, October 30, 2020

Out Today by The Orchard: Triple One, kai, & Narutto/Majorboi | The Daily Rind

We can learn so much about artists based on their debut release, whether that be an EP, full-length, or a debut collaboration. Check out what debut releases are out today from Australian group Triple One, LA-Based artist kai, and Nigerian artists Narutto and Majorboi.  

Triple One – Panic Force (Triple One Records)

One of Australia’s most versatile groups present their debut full-length album, Panic Force. Triple One are a sonic experiment between hard, soft, beautiful, grimey, and all the textures in between. While rooted in hip-hop, the group simultaneously explores elements of metal, emo, pop, punk, and R&B. The release of Triple One’s long-awaited debut LP follows three EPs and standalone singles that have catapulted the foursome from underground buzz act to garnering national and international acclaim. With Panic Force, the foursome delivers 12 tracks that highlight their signature individuality while also pushing them, lyrically, conceptually, and sonically, into new territory, exploring themes of relationships and escape, temptation, the hubris of man, and much more. 

kai – Like Water (Black Box)

Toronto-bred and LA-based singer-songwriter kai delivers a new batch of songs in her intimate form of alt-pop/R&B with her solo debut EP, Like Water. Listeners might recognize kai from her collaboration on the Grammy-nominated hit “Never Be Like You” with Flume. When it comes to writing material, kai dreams up most of her material subdued in her apartment. “When I’m working on music I need to be in my own space and let myself get lost in the process, almost like I’m channeling something beyond me,” says kai. “It’s like I’m in a trance: sometimes I have to go to really weird places to get to the good stuff.” Listen to Like Water, co-produced by kai and Isaac Valens, out now. 

Narutto/Majorboi – Techala (Emola)

Nigerian artists Narutto and Majorboi team up for the release of their new EP, Techala. Meaning “gratitude” and “thankful,” Techala is inspired by the love and support Majorboi received from his previous release Summer Vibes, which was embraced around the world, but especially among the Zumba community that brought about the Karolyna Challenge. Following the release of Majorboi’s Summer Vibes, he linked up with fellow artist Narutto on a series of singles, leading up to the release of the 4-track EPTechala


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