Tuesday, October 20, 2020

OnNow·tv proposes some metadata standards for livestreaming | Music Ally

The metadata debates around recorded music have been raging for as long as there’s been a digital music industry. Time to apply them to music livestreams too? Startup OnNow·tv thinks so.

It’s the company founded earlier this year by former Beatport boss Matthew Adell to provide the equivalent of a TV’s electronic programme guide (EPG) for livestreams across all categories, including music.

Now it’s starting a campaign for standardised metadata across the various platforms and apps hosting these streams.

“As livestreaming catches on among creators and viewers, it needs this important groundwork now, rather than a patchwork system that stakeholders are forced to fix later,” explained OnNow·tv on its website.

“The lack of livestream metadata standards will impede market growth by contributing to further fragmentation and undermining discoverability.”

It’s making a start by proposing some standards – you can find them here at the bottom of its call to action for the industry. StageIt and Tixr are the first companies to back the initiative. The key will be getting the biggest platforms on board too.

Stuart Dredge

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