Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Oda connected speakers have their own season of concerts | Music Ally

Oda is a startup making a pair of speakers (also called Oda) that look very nice indeed – “made of wood, glass, cotton, and steel: materials that are humble and human, not technological” as the blurb puts it – with as much attention to detail paid to their audio innards.

However, what interests us about the $299 speakers (which work with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) is the music that comes with them.

Oda will be running four seasons of music performances a year: 12 weekends in each of winter, spring, summer and autumn, plus artists in residence performing throughout the week during that time.

“We engage experimentalists, storytellers, and audio pioneers to create works that unfold over time,” is how the company puts it.

There’ll be a cost for this: a $79 membership per season, which Oda says will be used to pay “meaningful performance fees” to the artists. For now, Oda is shipping to the US only, with the UK to follow soon.

Stuart Dredge


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