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How To Set Up The Best Sound System In Your Own Home | Music Think Tank

A quality sound system can add an impressive amount of richness to your home. A sound system that is properly installed can allow you to enjoy your favorite songs with a new appreciation and become absorbed in your favorite movies as if it was your first time watching them. The good news is that properly setting up a sound system isn’t rocket science. Instead, you simply need the correct components installed using the correct techniques.

Use Wires Where Possible

Although running wires to various locations to connect your sound system together can be tedious, it is totally worth the effort. While wireless components are more convenient, you will always lose a measure of quality when streaming audio wirelessly. Plus, as with any wireless component, there is always a risk of interference that could ruin your listening experience.

Get the Right Speakers for the Space

Since speakers are singularly responsible for reproducing the sound you hear, it’s important to splurge on this component. More than buying expensive speakers, though, it’s important to buy speakers that are properly matched to your space. If you get speakers that are too large, you will have to reduce their volume so much that they will lose their fidelity. The same problem can occur if you have speakers that are too small, only the reduction in fidelity will be due to volume that is too high.

Build for the Space

If you truly want the best sound quality in your home, then it’s vital to address the acoustics of the space where your sound system is located. This is especially true for larger rooms that have multiple hard surfaces. Echoes in a room can lead to reduced sound quality and lower intelligibility. Therefore, you may need to add sound treatments to the ceiling or walls to bring your sound system in line with your expectations.

Have a Dedicated Amplifier

If you are installing a home theater system, it is crucial that you install a separate amplifier for your speakers instead of relying on any built-in amplifiers that come with a surround sound system. Typically, built-in amps aren’t easily adjustable, meaning that you won’t be able to fine-tune your system to achieve high-quality audio. If you have a separate amp, though, you can choose the exact power rating of the amp and ensure that it’s easy to adjust to your liking.

As you’re setting up your sound system, it’s a good idea to get a second or third opinion on the quality of the sound that’s being produced. After all, you never know when your ears might be plugged while you’re trying to install your sound system. By getting other opinions, you can ensure that you objectively have great-sounding audio that you can enjoy for years to come.

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