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How Static & Ben El’s new single fits with Saban Music Group’s strategy of ‘thinking globally’ | Music Business Worldwide

Ambitious new global music group, Saban, continues to move through the gears with the release today (October 30) of the latest single by Static & Ben El – Shake Ya Boom Boom feat. Black Eyed Peas.

The duo were behind Further Up, the debut release on the label, which is backed to the tune of $500m by entertainment mogul Haim Saban.

That track, launched in January this year, has clocked up nearly 40 million views on YouTube and 80 million streams across various platforms, was No. 1 on Billboard’s Latin Airplay Chart and hit the Top 10 on Vevo’s US chart.

Shake Ya Boom Boom is a collaboration with Black Eyed Peas and is accompanied by a video shot in a vertical/smart-phone style with TikTok, YouTube, and Boomerang Instagram clips of Static & Ben El, members of Black Eyed Peas and several influencers, all with a combined total reach of 50m fans on social media.

Here Gustavo Lopez, CEO of Saban Music Group, talks to MBW about the new track, the duo’s global potential, the impact of collaborations and the importance of laser focus…

Remind us how Static & Ben El came to be amongst Saban’s first signings?

Static & Ben El are established superstars in Israel, with international reach – their YouTube videos are approaching 600m combined views.

Haim Saban quickly recognized their worldwide potential and signed them.

Static & Ben El were signed prior to the formal launch of Saban Music Group and it can be said that they were one of the catalysts for its formation.

How did this collaboration with Black Eyed Peas come about? and Haim’s long-standing relationship is what drove the connect.

“Haim introduced Static & Ben to will and the rest is history.”

Gutavo Lopez, Saban Music Group

Haim introduced Static & Ben to will and the rest is history. Interestingly enough, Shake Ya Boom Boom was originally called No Translation. really liked the track, but felt it needed the BEP touch, so he transformed into what we are experiencing today.

What are your hopes for Shake Ya Boom Boom in terms of how it increases Static and Ben El’s global presence and continues to establish them as artists?

Static & Ben El were getting ready to go on tour in the states when COVID happened. So, instead they used the time to focus on making music. We didn’t want the pandemic to slow down the process of getting music out; we wanted to release Shake Ya Boom Boom as soon as possible, and our challenge was how to make a video during these times.

The guys got on a Zoom call to talk creative and had the idea to shoot it remotely, and include 25 influencers.

As Static & Ben El continue to grow their fanbase outside of Israel, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with international superstars. They have been taking the right angle towards stardom, they have already collaborated with J Balvin, Pitbull, Flip Dinero and have more superstar collab surprises on the way.

What are your longer-term ambitions for them?

Static & Ben El are making music that appeals globally. We are building an international touring act, and we can’t wait until we’re back out there again.

Until then, they will continue to make music, collaborate with world-class acts, and look for innovative ways to connect with fans in this current climate.

And finally, where is Saban up to in its evolution towards becoming a major international force – and how crucial is the next 3-6 months in that journey?

SMG is a startup and from day one we said what makes us different is our approach and our 360/50/50 model. We will only sign a select number of artists so that our team can be laser-focused and committed to their success.

Our roster currently consists of mainstream as well as Latin artists, all with international appeal. We are aggressively recording and collaborating and working with some of the biggest artists in the world to help bring our artists to global audiences.

“We are aggressively recording and collaborating and working with some of the biggest artists in the world to help bring our artists to global audiences.”

The next 3-6 months are crucial as the content making is in place and we have a solid 2021 release schedule.

We remain true to our commitment: a few acts, laser focus, artist development, and thinking globally while maximizing each act’s local reach.Music Business Worldwide


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