Wednesday, October 28, 2020

FIFA 21 adds music-disabling option to help game streamers | Music Ally

The knock-on effects from rightsholders’ pressure on Twitch over music licensing are starting. Games publisher Electronic Arts has added a new menu option to its FIFA 21 game: ‘Disable All Music For Streaming Purposes’.

That means people streaming their gameplay on platforms like Twitch will now be able to do it without any background music that might generate copyright takedown notices for their videos.

FIFA is famous for its soundtracks mixing established artists with emerging acts. The unfortunate result of the standoff between rightsholders and Twitch is that this in-game discovery won’t be extended to Amazon’s live-streaming platform.

However, it’s another good argument for the licensing situation to be sorted out sooner rather than later: our hope remains that the tough talk in public is being accompanied by pragmatic negotiations in private to figure out the kind of deals that will render FIFA 21’s new menu option redundant.

Stuart Dredge


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