Monday, October 26, 2020

Deezer encourages pirate app users to switch to official version | Music Ally

It may seem strange that people try to use music streaming services like Spotify and Deezer through unofficial apps, when there’s not even a subscription barrier to entry for the official ones.

Getting premium features without paying is one reason some people gravitate towards the unofficial (or ‘modded’) apps, and understandably the streaming services regularly try to crack down on those.

Deezer’s latest move is a conversational approach: rather than block people’s access if they’re using dodgy clients, it’s engaging with them. “We know that you’re not using the official version of Deezer, and we’re not going to stop you,” explains an email to users who’ve been caught in the act – as reported by TorrentFreak. “But in the spirit of honesty, you should know that you’re exposing yourself to invasive security risks that could harmfully breach your data.” Which is true: one of the better arguments against using cracked streaming apps is the safety and privacy angle.

Stuart Dredge


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