Monday, October 26, 2020

Deep Word is the latest startup creating synthetic video | Music Ally

The word ‘deepfake’ already has negative connotations: of people manipulating photos, audio and/or video for nefarious purposes. That’s why you’re going to hear the word ‘synthetic’ a lot in the coming months: the same technology, but being put to more positive work than misinformation or the really worrying stuff.

Deep Word is an interesting example of synthetic video, for example. “Automate your video production and content creation with minimal input,” is the pitch for this startup. “No more expensive production teams or time-consuming shoots. All you need is a short clip of your desired actor and the audio you want them to say.” For example, in our industry, an artist’s announcement being lip-synced into different languages for fans around the world. “We are aware of the bad things that can be created with this same tool. All content produced through Deep Word is monitored for malicious intent and the formulation of disinformation,” notes Deep Word on its website.

Stuart Dredge


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