Tuesday, October 13, 2020

#BrokenRecord campaign reveals results of streaming survey | Music Ally

The UK-based #BrokenRecord campaign has been agitating on the issue of musicians’ streaming royalties for several months. Now it has published the results of a survey of 2,069 British adults, weighted to be representative of the population, about the topic.

It found 77% saying that artists are not paid enough; 76% saying that songwriters are underpaid; 83% saying that most record labels are paid too much; and 68% saying streaming platforms are overpaid.

Here’s the rub: just over 53% of the respondents pay for a music streaming subscription. That means 24% who think artists aren’t paid enough, but aren’t paying for a subscription themselves to help to solve that problem.

Another question asked if people would be prepared to pay more for their subscription under the current distribution model, and found 69% saying no.

However – and this ties in to the campaign’s interest in user-centric distributions – when they were asked if they’d pay more if their subscription went ‘directly to songwriters and artists they listened to, around half of the naysayers (the 69% from the last question) changed their tune and said they’d pay more.

“Consumers want a fairer share of streaming income to go to artists, songwriters and musicians,” said #BrokenRecord founder Tom Gray. “The system is unethical and unsustainable and needs to be sorted out by the industry or, if necessary, via government intervention.”

For more on the #BrokenRecord campaign, watch the May episode of our Music Ally TV Show which featured Gray talking about the issues:

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