Monday, October 5, 2020

AiR Show augmented-reality concerts app acquired for $300k | Music Ally

This might just be a record for the shortest gap between a startup being first covered by Music Ally, and being acquired.

We wrote about Trick 3D and its ‘AiR Show’ app a couple of weeks ago: it promised to beam artists into fans’ living rooms using augmented reality technology, for performances.

It had a partnership with an upcoming series of livestream concerts in Atlanta, but now it’s been snapped up by a bigger company.

NexTech AR Solutions focuses on AR for shopping, education and events, and has acquired the ‘AiR Show’ app and its developers from Trick 3D for $300k.

“With live music concerts shut down for the foreseeable future I see this app as a way for Nextech to help artists fill the revenue void they are currently experiencing,” said NexTech’s CEO Evan Gappelberg.

His company’s first job will be to implement ticketing for the app, so that artists can charge for their performances.

Stuart Dredge


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