Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Twitch signs a licensing deal with French collecting society Sacem | Music Ally

As we’ve been reporting, Twitch has been under increasing pressure from the music industry to strike licensing deals. It is working on that, too: this morning Music Ally can exclusively reveal its latest agreement.

It’s with French collecting society Sacem: “a deal that will enable royalties to be distributed to authors, composers and publishers, who are Sacem members, when their music is shared or livestreamed by Twitch” according to the company.

It added that it’ll be working with Sacem to “develop processes to simplify and optimise the identification and reporting of works used on the service, for the benefit of Sacem members and the music industry as a whole”.

Twitch tells Music Ally that this is not its first deal with a collecting society: others are in place.

In separate news, it’s emerged that Twitch’s head of music strategy and licensing Pat Shah left the company in July for a new job at fellow Amazon subsidiary Audible, to be the audiobooks service’s head of content acquisition and development.

Stuart Dredge

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