Monday, September 7, 2020

Tunng release a hybrid album-podcast series… on death | Music Ally

British band Tunng are releasing a collaborative musical project, Dead Club – which is a new album, podcast series and conversation all in one – focussed on death and grief. Each podcast episode will feature a conversation with a guest, such as mentalist Derren Brown or Mercury Prize winner Speech Debelle, and will be accompanied by a soundscape of the band’s new music. The new album will then follow in October.

As far as multi-platform marketing campaigns go, this feels intuitive and symbiotic: the music feeds into the conversations, and vice-versa, and the two different platforms and media are suited to each exploration of the topic.

Many artists have released podcasts before, of course, although they are often either centred around catalogue, like the Oasis Listen Up podcast, or features the artist’s personality as a focus, like Jessie Ware’s hit Table Manners podcast. Closely integrating a podcast as part of a wider piece of work that includes an album is a novel step, and may bring new people closer to the band more effectively.

Joe Sparrow


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