Thursday, September 24, 2020

TikTok seeks injunction to stave off US app stores ban | Music Ally

As we reported yesterday, it’s still up in the air whether Donald Trump or the Chinese authorities will accept Oracle and Walmart’s proposed deal for TikTok in the US. If not, as things stand TikTok will be banned from the US app stores from this Sunday. Or will it?

Yesterday the company filed for a preliminary injunction in a Washington district court to prevent the ban, arguing that it would “dramatically exceed” the powers of the Department of Commerce and the president himself.

A similar ban on messaging app WeChat that was due to start last Sunday was temporarily blocked by a judge in California, so TikTok will be hoping it has a case.

Meanwhile, Reuters has some good behind-the-scenes detail on the “frenzied negotiations” that led up to last weekend’s disagreement over what share, if any, ByteDance will have in the new TikTok Global. It’s not looking great for a deal to be agreed this week, but the courts may have the say on whether that means a ban or not – at least in the short term.

Stuart Dredge


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